There's No Place Like The Derrick

Club Life Stories from Derrick Members

Members at The Derrick are proud of their club. For many, it is one of the most defining choices in their lives and the lives of their families.

We're pleased to present some stories from club members who volunteered their reasons for joining The Derrick Golf and Winter Club. It's reassuring to see that the array of activities and the diversity of people come together to form The Derrick Club family.

What Makes The Derrick Club Special...

Many Derrick Club members joined for their health and wellness. What they found was a welcoming community and a sense of belonging that was greater than they'd expected.

Hear from people just like you and ask yourself, what would joining the Derrick Club be like?


"It's our second home."

Ask around and you'll hear the same from most Derrick Club members. Families choose The Derrick because there are a number of ways for them to stay fit and active together.

More than that, there's security for moms and dads that can exercise and play knowing their children are in a safe environment surrounded by caring staff.

"It's Been Welcoming."

Chris & Janice joined the club to pursue their fitness goals and meet people that live in the neighbourhood. The Derrick Club became a place for them to spend time together, using the club more often then they'd imagined to live healthier lives and strengthen their relationships with new friends and each other.

"Easy, Fun, and Really Comfortable."

Families play together at The Derrick Club. Ami & Kati joined the club and started using the pool together among other things. They soon discovered there was much more to the Derrick than they'd initially thought. 

Kati has explored swimming lessons and foreign language programming while Ami has enjoyed the social experiences of the Derrick Club's community culture.

"It's the Best Family Club. Period."

It was more than 50 years ago when Carl joined the Derrick Club. He was mostly interested in the aquatic facilities. For his son, Graham, The Derrick was a place to come have fun at the pool and meet new friends. 

Decades later, The Derrick Club is still a vital part of their lives where they share time with friends and family and find new ways to stay active healthy.

"It's My Oasis."

All Derrick member stories have a common thread. What begins as a decision to join The Derrick Club for golf or tennis or swimming, quickly turns out to be a much broader lifestyle choice.

The Derrick Club is a place where lifelong friendships form.

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