Derrick Artists

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Jasmin Alstad

I have been blessed by being born into a very artistic family. Ever since I could hold a paintbrush, I have been pursuing my passions in art.

There are many aspects of the world that inspire my art; nevertheless, my art is mainly inspired by the adventures that life takes me on. Although my art does not represent a specific place all the time, it does represent how a certain place has made me feel. As life changes as does my artwork, I spent my early twenties backpacking and travelling as much as I could, my artwork reflects a lot of those travels. As a new stage of my life blossoms, raising three little kids my adventures are closer to home. My subject matter has shifted to sunsets looking out of our barn and florals inspired by my garden.

I enjoy working with many mediums and exploring many different techniques. Along with painting I also work with pottery. I am a graduate of Fine Arts from Grant MacEwan University. As an Art Instructor, I operate from my home studio, working at growing my art business, Red Barn Studios.

Melissa Baron

Melissa Baron is an artist and art teacher from Edmonton. She recalls watercolour painting alongside her mother from an early age, and her interest in art was piqued at a creative summer camp for teens. This led her to study art first at the University of Alberta, then at Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney, Australia. She combines her love of art with her other passion, teaching art at every opportunity.

Baron has a dedicated studio practice that balances technical study and creative investigation. Her work employs skies as a motif to investigate representations of experience and memory. She exhibits her artwork regionally at venues such as Gallery @501, the Edmonton International Airport, and Vertigo Theatre in Calgary. Her artwork is part of the University of Alberta Teaching Collection as well as Strathcona County’s Permanent Collection

Instagram: @melissabaron_art

Robin Good

Hello! I'm Robin, a visual artist and freelance graphic designer from Edmonton, AB. In 2013 I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Design. In 2020, after working 8 years in the print industry, I started my own company Robin Good Art & Design. My goal is to create and share meaningful work that helps us reconnect with the natural world. Referencing photographs from moments of connection with wildlife, that are painted in a way to include the viewer in that shared experience. I enjoy using a limited colour palette of acrylics on canvas, or detailed soft strokes of charcoal on paper, to capture the spirit and expression of each animal. 

My latest series highlights incredibly expressive animals, often showing their non-majestic, nearly-human side. Their feelings through body language are so relatable, and have often put a smile on peoples' faces. We communicate so much through body language, that limiting our exposure to others over the past few years has made it harder to express ourselves in an authentic way. My hope is to create work that is a reminder that others (even animals) are feeling a lot of emotions too, and to not take things so very seriously. 
I want to keep connecting with wonderful people, and local venues such as The Derrick Club, as a place to share my creations that bring us closer to nature, ourselves, and each other. When I’m not busy painting or designing, I like to spend my time travelling to the Rocky Mountains and all over the world (my favourites are Africa and Peru). To learn more about me and see some of my work, visit the links below.

Leah Gravells

Leah Gravells (painter, fiber artist) was born on PEI and has lived in Alberta, Canada for over 40 years. Her early experiences with farm fields, flower gardens, the ocean and the mountains have influenced her art direction. Her works are inspired by nature. Her fibre art interest led her to peruse a Certificate in Visual Art and Design at the University of Alberta. Certificate was completed in 2020.

As an emerging painter, her flowers are an expression of her passion for their beauty. Her early memories of the utilitarian vegetable garden where her grandmother Ella always had flowers. Leah has a small flower garden and in addition during her walks in Edmonton, Leah will take photographs of flowers which are used for inspiration in her paintings.

Leah’s fibre art (textiles) have won awards nationally and internationally. All of her compositions blend ¾” strips of batiks fabrics to create original landscape designs. Her works have been juried into the Houston International Quilt Festival – “Quilts: A World of Beauty”, TX (2017,2018), and the American Quilter’s Society Quilt Weeks as follows: Spring Paducah, KY (2017), Grand Rapids, MI (2019), Charleston SC (2019), Fall Paducah (2019), Virginia Beach, VI (2018), Daytona Beach, FL (2019), and Lancaster, PA (2019). 

“Summer Solstice” (42.5” x 52”, 200- ¾” strips) was exhibited in Quilts=Art=Quilts, Schweinfurth Art Center, Auburn, New York, 2017. 

“Horizon” (233” x 36”: Banner #1- 950 – ¾” strips, Banner #2 – 971- ¾” strips)
commissioned by the YWCA Calgary, as part of YW Hub Facility Art Program, 2019.

Featured article “For the Love of Colour”, Studio Magazine, Fall Winter 2019-2020

Her fiber art (textiles)works are currently exhibited at the Alberta Craft Council at

780-901-5567 or [email protected]

Ira Hoffecker

My work has loose compositional associations to urban places through time. I am interested in how different societies transform and change city spaces over the course of the centuries. My work examines the relationships between people and cities by responding to constant change, reconstruction and restoration in the urban landscape. Many layers of abstracted elements of architecture provide the basis of my compositional language.

Jackie Impey

Jackie paints with an uninhibited textural approach to her art with an affinity for vivid color. She relishes the opportunity to paint bright and bold abstractions. Her personal mission is to live life large, which is reflected in the use of oversized canvas she is known for. She participates in local events, exhibits and judged shows. She has received ribbons in both judged and juried shows through the Lone Star Art Guild in Texas. Jackie began painting while living in Perth, Australia, approximately 12 years ago. Impressed by the rugged dessert landscape and luminescent turquoise Indian Ocean, her motivation to paint is now insatiable. She has been fortunate to have the opportunity to study with various international professional artists. Continually influenced by her travels, Jackie uses inspiration from sentimental photographs and experiences in her work. Born and raised in Edmonton,AB. Canada, the artist spent sun-drenched summers at the family cottage and winters skiing in the Rocky Mountains. Jackie has degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Social Work. She is fortunate to be married to someone that shares her affinity for Outdoor adventure,travel, living and working abroad. Together they have two teenaged children. The family continue to be passionate about travel and exploring outdoor pursuits such as cycling and hiking. Jackie and her family are proud to call Fernie, British Columbia home.

‚ÄčNozomi Kamei

I was born and raised in an area surrounded by rice fields in Japan, went to a high school in Norway, and completed a Physical Education degree at the University of Alberta. Currently, I am based in Edmonton and have worked in health and wellness fields with athletes, children, youth, older adults, and people with disabilities in this city. Interacting with people has been a fruitful experience which has been influencing my creativity. 

I am a self-taught photographer wishing to connect with people through photography. Photography has been helping my journey and self-exploration, and I love to share such effects with people. I see so many possibilities in humans and surroundings through photography that I also enjoy sharing.

It brings me great joy if anyone gets feelings or support for their journey through my photos. Even if it is only one person in the world who enjoys my photo, it means the world to me.


Most of my photos are focused on things/ lives/energy that surround me like landscape, nature, architecture, etc. I use photography to promote a sense of connections. I believe arts help viewers and artists become aware of our inner self. This experience shows us our true nature.


Shelly Kurtz

I purchased my first “real” camera in 2019.  I combine my love of photography with my other passions which are travelling and animals.  Most of my photos reflect these passions.

I love adventure and enjoy capturing images that might make my audience want to discover more about nature. I travel around the world with my camera and bring home memories to share in photographs.

Follow me on Instagram: shelly_kurtz_photography


Susan McKay

A true Albertan, I was born in Calgary and have lived in Edmonton all of my adult life. While I enjoyed a successful career in healthcare management, I always loved the graphic arts and have followed Canadian artists with great interest. Inspired by the gift of my sister’s brushes after her death in 2008, I began my own artistic journey and exploration of painting and impressionistic glass mosaics (showcased at Edmonton Alberta Craft Gallery and Black Spruce Gallery

This journey carried me through many art workshops with talented artists and educators. After completing the Visual Arts Certificate from UofA Continuing Education in 2019, I embarked on a new adventure in learning - The Creative Visionary Program (2019 and 202) with Nicholas Wilton (an American abstract artist) and Find Your Joy (2020) with Louise Fletcher (a British abstract artist).  These programs offered many lessons that will take time to apply in finding my own artistic voice and expressing myself more clearly.

Artist Statement
I have always loved creating! My joy is found experimenting with different media, subjects, and approaches. Right now I am drawn to nature and landscape - trying to capture illusive light and feeling, and boldly using colour to create explosive impressions for the viewer.
I never want to stop learning and exploring different ways of doing things and different sources of inspiration - to confidently define my own direction and allow me to continue to do what I love. Growth as an artist should never end!

Kerra Nelson

I am a self taught artist that grew up in Edmonton Alberta.
From the time I could hold a paintbrush my mom encouraged and guided me to art whether it was paintings, sculpting or just to play. Some of my best memories are digging clay out of the lake and creating silly sculptures or abstracts to bake in the campfire.
My art has been a huge part of my journey as a massage therapist and cranio sacral practitioner, allowing for self discovery and expression, helping me quiet my mind, de-stress and meditate as well as releasing my own inner struggles through painting.
I am currently working on integrating art into my cranio sacral practice, teaching my clients the benefits of art healing through body work.
I paint in many different mediums; watercolour, acrylic as well as encaustic wax. I play with soapstone and clay and I am currently exploring mixed media with lots of texture. Although I mainly paint florals, my style is evolving and changing as I grow and become more confident and find new inspiration within myself and through my experiences.
My inspiration has mainly come from my mother and family, my time at our lake lot and the traveling I have done. It comes through gardening, body work, meditation, grief and change as well as willingness to try new things.
I am always seeking new inspiration and growth, I look forward to whatever is presented to me.

Linda Nelson

I was born and raised in rural Alberta on my childhood farm at Lea Park. From early childhood I was always drawing and creating. I would submit my artwork in local radio contests and fairs. While completing my High School education my parents were able to purchase for me a commercial art course. This gave me my most valued background in drawing, perspective, composition, and design. I was also introduced to many new mediums throughout this course.

After leaving the rural community and moving to Edmonton, I was able to study under a variety of professors through the University of Alberta Extension. I spent four years studying drawing, design, mixed media techniques, photography, and watercolours. I also had access to many community art and sculpting groups.

I am a self-taught sculptor; my technique has grown from the first simplistic nativity scene to large wizards or mystical characters made of clay. I also have an interest in working in Brazilian Soapstone, my carvings again swing towards the mystical. Through travel my art expertise expanded and grew as I attended workshops in France, Italy, and the USA.

I taught for many years at community art groups around Edmonton, teaching watercolours and acrylics. I have also taught art and sculpting courses for children through the Edmonton Parks and Rec.

I am currently an active member of the Edmonton Art Club and the Edmonton Potters Guild, as well as the ACACA. I have received two awards through the Edmonton Art Club for paintings that I have submitted for shows. One received the Critics Choice Award, and another the People's Choice Award.

I am currently displaying a painting in the Alberta Art Gallery as part of the Edmonton Art Club 100 year celebration show.

Tyler Nicholson

Tyler Nicholson, born in Prince George, British Columbia in 1982, shaped his artistic journey through a move to Edmonton, Alberta in 1994. His penchant for drawing in school led him to mentors Shane Baker and Mitch Peacock, autobody tradesmen skilled in the art of airbrushing. For nearly a decade he refined his craft with lowbrow art while maintaining a deep-seated appreciation for classical oil painting.

Post high school, Tyler's artistic pursuits flourished under the guidance of Baker and Peacock. Currently residing in Edmonton he channels his creative energy into capturing the essence of beauty, whether it be found in nature, man-made structures, or abstract concepts. Tyler continues to weave his unique artistic narrative through the vibrant strokes of his brush.


Jan Novotny

Jan has been photographing the World since 1963 when he picked up his father’s camera as a thirteen-year-old. At age fifteen good fortune struck after he was thrown out of school for political reasons and he found a job doing odd work at the leading photographic studio in Prague. That’s where he learned from the old masters who worked with the huge ancient cameras without shutters, and the younger photographers who’d use, among others, the only Hasselblad camera in the entire communist Czechoslovakia; the same technological, and obscenely expensive, wonder of technology Neil Armstrong took to the moon. Jan lived for photography and by the time he became a refugee in 1968 his images were published in established publications and showcased in several shows.

After settling in Canada Jan’s life took a different path, with photography trudging along a less prominent trail that nevertheless never quite disappeared. Around 2010 the two paths started to merge again resulting in several successful shows, including a blockbuster travelling exhibit, seen by thousands, that commemorated the 50th anniversary of Soviet Union’s invasion of Czechoslovakia.

The MANDALA NATURA collection is a departure for Jan. The bulk of his previous work is investigation of social issues that are primarily shot with traditional film cameras and in black and white.

The inevitable turbulence of life obscures the underlying symmetry of the universe; these images remove some of the distorting veil to reveal the essential balance of nature.

The pictures in this collection merely flow through my eye - the viewers become their creators as they give them meaning. This realization came when I shared these images with others and discovered that the same mandala represents different things to different people; that they often become intensely personal, and that their meaning changes in synchronicity with the flows of the viewer’s inner spaces. “Meditating with my Mandala Natura helped me bring forth what needed to be revealed,” was perhaps the most inspiring comment I heard.

My intensions for the MANDALA NATURA images are to augment contemplation, unearth joy and celebrate the wonder of existence.

With best wishes, Jan Novotny


Anne Oommen

I was trained as a pharmacist and recently decided to pursue my art career full-time.  I primarily work with acrylic and oil medium.  The first 10 years of painting focused on realism and developing technique.  In the last 5 years, I have been working on abstract art.  

I am a very spiritual person and have always had vivid dreams and visions in my waking life.  I derive inspiration for my paintings from specific visions that provide revelations about the purpose of life.  

Currently I am experimenting with floral designs and different forms of water and nature, such as, clouds, mist, sky and ocean.  What is interesting to me is pushing the boundaries of abstraction such that they remain abstract but are formed enough to suggest some aspect of realism.  My paintings are also bold and colourful as the colours are ways for me to convey different emotions.In my latest floral series, the “flowers“ represent a soul blooming to it’s full purpose, reaching self-actualization.  The aspects of water (mist, clouds/sky, ocean) are used to convey that all human beings are all spiritually connected and rather are like drops from the same body of water. Some may exist as a fog, cloud, ice, or rain drops but ultimately return to the same body of water.  The main message behind my paintings is that we are all spiritually One. 
In my spare time, I am raising my 4 sweet, rambunctious boys.

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Jamie Panych

I'm a born and raised Albertan, having grown up on a farm in Lamont County. On the farm, my favorite chore was caring for the animals, and my favorite playground was the barnyard and the woods beyond. There was so much to explore and discover.

Soon after finishing high school, I worked at a local newspaper, then moved to Edmonton to work in print shops. My creative path began in the graphic arts. Painting became a passion after taking an acrylic painting class.  Very enthused, I then enrolled in a full-time fine art program. That was over 25 years ago, and I have been painting ever since.

There is no shortage of what inspires me to create a painting. I enjoy the challenge of capturing the beauty and strength of the bison, how the sun filters through the clouds and the colorful glowing images sent to us by the Hubble telescope.

My most recent exploration is of my Ukrainian heritage. After an uncle had passed away, I was given a packet of his photographs. They were images of Ukrainian pioneer houses in east central Alberta. This has led to a series of paintings of the homestead buildings and churches erected by our Ukrainian pioneers – our Ukrainian Legacies. My way of preserving them before they crumble away or get knocked down. This series has been a rewarding experience. I've met so many wonderful people who have shared their memories with me. It's made me want to explore more of my Ukrainian culture and traditions.

There is so much out there to discover, and I feel I’ve only just begun.

Misty Ring

Misty, born in the heart of BC interior, was captivated by the mountains that surrounded her during her upbringing. Relocating to Alberta in the early 2000s, she discovered a passion for the untamed beauty of the prairies, with their vivid and dramatic skies.

A natural inclination for creativity, her artistic journey began before her conscious memories, exploring various mediums and expressing herself through her artwork. This lifelong dedication to creativity has shaped her artistic Identity, propelling her evolution as an artist.

Misty's artistic pursuits led to a certificate in Visual Arts and a diploma in Arts and Cultural

Management. She is entering her fourth year of an Honors BA in Art History at the University of Alberta. She aspires to further her education with a Masters in Art Conservation.

Her current solo show IS on display at the Don Wheaton YMCA downtown and her next planned group show, called "Creating Beauty," curated by Amy Loewen, will be held at the AGA in Spring 2024.

Sydney Rusnak

My name is Sydney Rusnak and I am currently in my fourth year of pursuing my Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Alberta, majoring in painting. I am an avid skier and mountain biker, and a lot of my art reflects these passions. While the majority of my work is focused in painting, working mainly with oil and acrylic, I also spend quite a bit of time on printmaking projects, working primarily with lithography and linocut. My university practice centres on climate change and the influence that people have on this issue. However, I have also created a large collection of work featuring mountain landscapes, pulling from sketches created on hiking, biking and ski trips. Through my artwork, I attempt to capture our planet’s best features while also drawing attention to the improvements that we can make in order to preserve it, with the intention of sparking not only reflection, but profound appreciation in the viewer.